What is bless?

droadflint | April 22, 2013

Every Thursday, we gather in neighborhoods around the city. A few weeks ago, in conversation the word bless was used a few different times. I wrote down a note. [What is bless?] What does it mean to bless, how are we blessed? Does God bless us?

It’s weird when you have used a word so many times and either forget a facet of it or don’t understand the definition. I think the definition that fits best is this: “to consecrate, to make holy”. Literally, describing nothing we can do. God’s blessings on us is the work of Christ in dying on the cross and the work of the Spirit to illuminate our eyes in that regard. So when someone says “God bless you”, it doesn’t mean that God will give you wealth, job, or any specific thing you desire, but instead that you would see what God has done through the work of Jesus and come to repentance and be made holy because of the work of Christ.