Learning a language

droadflint | April 8, 2013

Recently I was on a trip to Nicaragua for 5 weeks. In case you don’t know they speak primarily Spanish. I took Spanish in middle school, however, at the time I thought I would never use Spanish. Unfortunately, I did not take full advantage of this opportunity, and consequently I know very little Spanish.

It’s funny how you can still communicate without knowing someone’s language. You have to point, make big motions, weird sounds, and sometimes just observe. I learned something about languages. We all can speak more than one language, and not all languages are verbal.

Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Love is a language. A method of communication. Love has to be in deed and truth when you’re around people who you can’t talk to. But how often do we apply this to people we can communicate with on a verbal level? It can be hard to love in actions, because it has to be sincere. Your speech can proclaim something, but your actions are the test of your words.

Let us learn to love as prescribed here. Practice showing love, not just speaking it.