Church History

Damascus Road is a re-plant formed out of an older congregation in 2009. A rich heritage of love for the Lord was already present and was added to by a fresh vision for reaching the families and individuals living in the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area. Serving the urban core of Flint, Michigan, it reflects the diversity and gritty determination of the industrial Midwest. As a creative and energetic congregation, Damascus Road serves both through traditional means and via community development, job creation, and urban renewal outreaches.

At the heart of its mission, Damascus Road members intercede for healing and reconciliation in this financially broken and racially divided city. From its inception, the founding members prayed for God to raise up the diverse and godly leadership necessary to make an impact in the region. 2011 brought major changes and huge strides forward in this mission with the addition of Adam Thomason as the lead visionary pastor at Damascus Road. Together with the covenant membership and a core leadership team, Damascus Road is excited to raise up disciples
who know and live the Word of God and are able to effectively proclaim the love of Jesus in Flint.

Damascus Road has a weekly Sunday Celebration and also meets in the homes of members throughout the week for the purpose of incarnating the gospel in local neighborhoods.

Team - Staff

We are passionate about watering the gifts that God has supernaturally planted in the souls of men and women and seeing them flourish. Our leadership wants Damascus Road to be a place that people feel encouraged in their gifting to build up the body and advance the kingdom while ultimately bringing glory to God.

We want those who have not graced the doors of the church or have been burned by the church, whether by health and wealth philosophy or the bondage of legalism, to feel like this is a place that brings water to the soul through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We pray that, through our leadership and the maturity grown by discipleship, you encounter the living God and that he refreshes your soul with a living water causing you to never thirst again.

Leadership Team

Mission Outpost

Damascus Road is a mission outpost in the financially and relationally battered post-industrial city of Flint. Many in our congregation are themselves deeply touched by the financial trials of the region. As the Jerusalem congregation of the first-century church, we covet your prayers and support in the work here.

The majority culture in Flint is below poverty and this is just the beginning of the problem. Our political structures are torn by decades of racial and social infighting, our schools are abandoned and failing, and our infrastructure is aging and broken. Whole neighborhoods are burned out and decaying. Within this physical despair, we have found ample opportunity for the Gospel. Wherever suffering is present, Jesus is available to comfort and provide meaning in the context of the greater reality of the kingdom.

Because of this great opportunity and in light of the physical realities we face, we are always confronted with more need than we can possibly meet. Find out ways you can partner with us.