More Than A Message

Jesus was and is more than a message. In America following Jesus has become more about the extraordinary ability to articulate who he is while ignoring the symbiotic life that the message came out of. Think about it, who would need to count the cost to communicate a message while keeping the very lives and comforts that we treasure. Jesus did not become poor so that by his poverty we might become rich so we could excel in articulating a great message Jesus called us to much more, he called us to a Kingdom lifestyle.

Kingdom Lifestyle

A kingdom lifestyle never divorces the message of Christ from the life of Christ. To have one without the other is to not be a follower of Christ. Scriptures teach that the Good news of Christ that was preached by Christ and his followers came out of the very lives that they lived. Sadly enough in America we have grown comfortable with kingdom living being divorced of the very life that Jesus lived.

Making Disciples

At Damascus Road we firmly believe that discipleship (training believers to thoroughly know, victoriously live, and effectively give the Word of God) is the method Jesus demonstrated for transforming people and regions with the Gospel. We take his command to “make disciples” very seriously.

Sunday Celebrations, our covenant member training, and weekly teaching through a selected book of the Bible are all geared to strengthen men and women in their love for and knowledge of Jesus and his Word. Member’s prayer, Incarnational Groups, and personal discipleship opportunities make room for accountability and encouragement, encouraging every member to participate in encouraging and building one another. Mission opportunities, both locally and globally challenge all of us to see the greater heart of God for our neighborhoods, nation, and world.

Check out our media section to discover some of our online discipleship resources. We invite you to join us in discovering what Jesus meant when he told us to “take up our cross and follow him”.

Unleashing Disciples

Ultimately, it is our greatest delight to see men and women mature and then be sent out into various contexts as missionaries. At Damascus Road, men who mature in their handling of the Word are challenged and given opportunities to teach and share in delivering the Word at our Sunday Celebrations. Time is regularly provided for members to share with one another and the body from the Word. Missions trips both at home and abroad are regularly organized, and members are encouraged to envision and consider missionary service wherever God might lead them while serving continually in the context of their own neighborhoods and workplaces. Visit our Give tab to learn more about how our members are serving in specific areas.

Ignite The World

We believe that local communities of believers who are actively engaging their own neighborhoods, raising up effective disciples, and sending out ambassadors to church, we covet your prayers and support in the work here.

The majority culture in Flint is below poverty and this is just the beginning of the problem. Our political structures are torn by decades of racial and social infighting, our schools are abandoned and failing, and our infrastructure is aging and broken. Whole neighborhoods are burned out and decaying. Within this physical despair, we have found ample opportunity for the Gospel. Wherever suffering is present, Jesus is available to comfort and provide meaning in the context of the greater reality of the kingdom.

Because of this great opportunity and in light of the physical realities we face, we are always confronted with more need than we can possibly meet. Consider the ways in which you can invest with us.