Our Mission

At Damascus Road we raise up disciples who we send out both in our city and abroad as ambassadors representing Jesus. To accomplish this, we have a few training grounds for service that give opportunities for our member and other believers to experience the joy of participating with God in his ministry in our world. These training grounds also challenge us to give with no thought of return and require us to develop the skills and discernment necessary to incarnate the gospel in various cultural settings.

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Wolcott Investment

Wolcott Street is a microcosm of the conflict faced in urban centers. Drugs, prostitution, blight, delinquency, and homelessness all coexist with families, renters, and businesses seeking to survive and even prosper in a tough environment.

Through intentional incarnation, DR members are slowly relocating to this strategic street along the college corridor and presenting themselves as servants in this decaying neighborhood.

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Philippines Investment

There is no limit to the need in Philippines. Discipleship materials, physical needs such as clean water projects, schools, and daily food provision are all part of serving here. While the need is great, we have found our own souls challenged and enriched by the deep faithfulness and grace in the friendships we are building with Solid Rock Church. In the Summer of 2015 we will be partnering in the Gospel with Solid Rock Church as we serve alongside them in the Philippines.

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Ghana Investment

Lord willing we will be sending out a small team later this year to see what a long term partnership would look like in this area.

If you would like to be considered for the team going out, let us know.

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Community Investment

Within the covenant community at Damascus we have great opportunity and need for investments of time, resources and finances. Our leadership team seeks to discover the needs faced by our members and works to connect people and resources.

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