Sunday Celebrations

Our Sunday Celebrations are refreshing times of worship, preaching, and communion. At 10:30 on Sunday mornings, we gather to share with one another our encounters with Christ in his Word and the people he has connected with throughout the week, to worship him through song and preaching and to celebrate and remember his death and resurrection in communion.

Visitor Information

We are currently meeting weekly in the West Court Street Church of God (Beecher Side Entrance) – Get Directions: 2920 W Court St Flint, MI 48503. Service begins at 10:30a and typically ends around 12.

Incarnational Groups

Incarnational Groups are neighborhood specific weekly gatherings designed to provide accountability, encouragement, teaching, and community ministry in a more intimate and personal setting than the Sunday Celebration.

“Genuine, Biblical community is hard work and will be messy at times. This reality shouldn’t scare us away; it should drive us to our knees in humble, desperate, Lord-please-help-us prayer”

The words quoted above were written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book titled, “Life Together”. Bonhoeffer challenged the saints to put to death their “wish dream” when it comes to doing life together. His challenge rings true for us today.

We must put away the notion in our minds that Incarnational Groups will be routinely filled with emotional highs, perfect harmony, and lofty moods. These will come on occasion (Praise God when they do!) however, the realities of daily life will also come – hurt feelings, misunderstood words, and disappointed expectations. When these realities arise we will be tempted to become disillusioned and we will be in danger of entering community life as “demanders” instead of “thankful recipients”. We cannot forget the price paid to bring us each into the fellowship of this community life – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

He is the foundation of our fellowship; Christ makes covenant community possible. We are each fallen, living in a fallen world, surrounded by fallen people. This is why Christ’s death was necessary. Praise God that he did die and was resurrected! That resurrection works in us through the Holy Spirit, empowering us to walk with one another as brothers and sisters with grace and forgiveness to spare for the moments we sin against each other. This is true whether we are the offended or the offenders. I am not saying we “wink at” or ignore sin. Instead, we are able to see log in our own eye before pointing out the speck in another’s.


We believe prayer is the backbone to the local church. Jesus through the new covenant made communication with God through the Son available to us 24/7. In 1 Peter 5:7 it talks about the Lord as being faithful in listening and answering prayers. We want to be faithful in our prayers of praise, worship, thanksgiving, intercession, confession, and supplication. We have a team of people who are available every Sunday to pray with you, over you, and for you. This team also meets regularly to pray as a group.

We want to pray for you! We have a team of people who will pray for you… please submit your prayer request.